Experience Lasting Freedom and Peace as You Reconnect With Your True Self

Experience Lasting Freedom and Peace as You Reconnect With Your True Self

Hi, I'm Jane Thompson

As an intuitive healer, spiritual gifts coach, and near-death experiencer, my focus is on helping and healing others. 

I will support you, and create a space filled with peace and comfort, while compassionately guiding you through times of personal transformation. 

During this process, you will naturally become more aligned with your true self and your soul's purpose.  This is when lasting peace, freedom, and abundance are found!

More About Jane's Background

"My heart is healed and transformed.  Jane is focused on loving wellness and positive, affirmative healing.  She is a natural empath and understands your needs."  M.M.

"Jane has an intuitive awareness and always makes me feel at ease.  She has provided a great sense of perspective and comfort throughout my healing journey." P.D.

Ways that I can help and support you

One-on-One Sessions

Intensive sessions, night healings, and space clearings available worldwide.

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Group Healings

Raise your vibration and lighten your energy with these white light healings.

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A Message of Healing and Hope

Anthony Chene is a highly respected inspirational filmmaker.  To receive a request from him for an interview was a great honor!

Jane In the Media

"I sleep more soundly, deeply, and for a longer time after Jane's group healings. The layers of energy I've been carrying around just peel off and dissipate into thin air.  I do them every month now!"  D.A.

"My life is transformed!  Jane understands with a knowledge of things beyond what the normal person can.  She was able to guide and heal me through a very difficult time in my life."  J.W.

 Have you ever wondered how to experience more ease as you step into your soul's purpose?  

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Feel supported during your healing journey!

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