Experience the Peace of Living in
Alignment with your Soul's Purpose

Experience the Peace of Living in Alignment with your Soul's Purpose

I'm happy to connect with you!

Hi, I'm Jane Thompson. I'm an intuitive healer, spiritual gifts coach, near-death experiencer, spiritual teacher, and international speaker. 

I help people who are seeking peace, healing, and perspective while processing trauma and grieving loss as they pursue personal transformation. 

I will help you feel supported, centered, calmed, and more aligned with your soul's purpose.

More About My Background

"My heart is healed and transformed.  Jane is focused on loving wellness and positive, affirmative healing.  She is a natural empath and understands your needs."  M.M.

"Jane has an intuitive awareness and always makes me feel at ease.  She has provided a great sense of perspective and comfort throughout my healing journey." P.D.

Ways that I can help and support you...

Healing Workshops

Instant access to teachings and healings.  Available 24/7, use as often as needed!

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One-on-One Sessions

Sessions are available worldwide via
Phone or Zoom.

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Group Healings

Raise your vibration and lighten your energy during these white light healings.

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A Message of Healing and Hope

Anthony Chene is a highly respected inspirational filmmaker.  To receive a request from him for an interview was a great honor!

In the Media...

"My mind feels relief from the clutter and my thoughts are clearer and more peaceful. I look forward to coaching from Jane because I know how much better I'll feel afterwards!"  H.M.

"I sleep more soundly, deeply and for a longer time after doing Jane's white light healings. I listen daily and the layers of energy I've been carrying around just peel off and dissipate into thin air."  D.A.

Let Me Show You How To Manifest!

If you've ever been frustrated because the Law of Attraction hasn't worked for you, it's because there is one missing piece.  The most overlooked key to manifesting hasn't been talked about much until now. 

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