Anthony Chene Interview

Anthony Chene produces inspirational films with messages of hope.  To receive a request from him for an interview was a great honor!

Anthony has a kind and humble soul- he was so thoughtful in the way he put this all together.  He beautifully captured, and helped me to communicate, some of the most important lessons that I learned during my near-death experience, and as a healer.

A lot of ground is covered during this interview! 

-What it felt like to go into the light during my near-death experience and how I know for sure we aren't separate from it.

-What the healing and replenishment felt like in the white light during my NDE.

-The reasons that love is the best healer!

-Why the statement 'All is Well' is true.

-How to tap into the wisdom of your intuition and your true self.  How to know your soul's purpose.

-Why people suffer and how we can get through hard times.

-How I learned to move energy and do healing work.

-How to quiet ego and reduce mental chatter.

-I tell my favorite story that took place while I was working with a hospice patient- and why I know that we are never alone.

I hope you enjoy this film, it's main message is one of hope and healing.  Mostly, I hope you can feel the peace and the love!

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