What People Are Saying About Jane...

"Loving energy flows through Jane, helping you open up to heal."  J. L.


"Jane is focused on loving wellness and positive, affirmative healing.  She is a natural empath and listens for what her clients desire and need....I've never worked with a more present and positive healer.  After our sessions my heart and body are transformed." M.M.


"The meditations that Jane has provided through the White Light Solution have helped me connect more easily with my inner knowing and wisdom that had otherwise been blocked.  I can feel Jane’s genuinely caring nature gently guiding me during these meditations. It puts me at ease knowing that I have an authentic and knowledgeable teacher/coach in my corner providing me with the skills I need while I’m on this journey."  B.E.


"I had been experiencing a huge build up of stress and distractions in my day to day living.  After a telephone session with Jane, my mind felt relief from the clutter and my thoughts were clearer and more peaceful.  I look forward to each session with Jane because I know how much better I'll feel afterwards!" H.M.


"I really enjoyed our reading, it was a wonderful gift from my son to my daughter and myself.  It gave my daughter a great deal of comfort after such a challenging year of loss. A lot of things were very real and thought provoking about the spirit world.  It is so comforting to know our friends and relatives are still with us. Thank you again Jane." E.Y.


"Jane is a multi-talented psychic, medium and spiritual healer.  I am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Jane countless times to assist me through various personal struggles (relationship issues, deaths, cancer, etc). Her connection with spirit, her personal approach and her alignment with her clients speaks directly to her broad capabilities. I travel a lot for work and she is always available to connect with me through Skype or over the phone, allowing for immediate healing to begin no matter where I am in the country."  B.W.


"Thank you, Jane, for the uplifting session today. I feel a wonderful sense of peace that I am not sure I have ever felt before. You brought me confirmation, validation and forgiveness. You have brought me a gift and I will treasure it, always. Thank you!"  D.M.


"Jane has a high level of integrity.  She has done Reiki work for me several times and has always produced effective results.  I always feel noticeably better and more relaxed after she works with me." L.B.


"I highly recommend house clearings and blessings with Jane.  Each time she has done one for me, she's restored balance in the energy and comfort of my home."  K.C.

"During my first pregnancy, I was experiencing a lot of nausea and physical pain which was taking away my focus when trying to connect with my baby.  After just a couple of sessions with Jane, I had so much relief from what was going on physically with my body that I was able to reconnect with the joys of pregnancy.  Thank you Jane!" G.T.

"Jane has an intuitive awareness and ability to make me always feel at ease.  She has provided a great sense of perspective and comfort throughout my healing journey."  P.D.

"For some time my 4 year old son had been seeing a man in our bedroom. At first I didn't think it was real, so I just ignored it.  As time went on he was becoming scared and would not go into my bedroom by himself because of the man he was seeing in there. This was happening during the day and night for several weeks.  I realized I needed some help with this and got on the phone with Jane. She gave me the tools I needed to help my son and his gift of seeing spirit. Now he is happier and not afraid to face what comes his way. It let him know that I will help him with any situation and also gave him confidence in himself to handle things on his own. In a short time he was dealing with the spirits by himself and without fear.  I cannot thank Jane enough for her help and valuable advice." J.W.

"Our house feels lovely and calm after the clearings!  A million thanks to Jane for bringing such warm, lovely energy into our home."  S.W.


"Jane is a tremendous force and she is a voice of reason. She listens and understands with a knowledge of things beyond what the normal person can. She helps to transform your life. I reached out to Jane during a very rough spot in my life and she was able to guide me through things that had happened and help me to be able to deal with things that were to come. I feel confident in her abilities to help clear, and cleanse different parts of my life. I will continue to go to her for the wonderful help that she brings to my mind and spirit."  J.W.

"Jane is such a spark of positive energy!  She helped us transition into our home, which was built in 1905, and did such a beautiful job of clearing the space and making it feel more open and welcoming.  Jane is incredibly professional while also being absolutely personal. Highest recommendation!" C.M.

"Loving energy flows through Jane, helping you open up to heal." J. L.


"I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. I already had a 3 year old son, and my second son was due in the next couple of months. I had gone to Jane for energy work to alleviate some of the common physical and emotional symptoms that accompany pregnancy. I was very relaxed and drifting in and out of sleep when suddenly, Jane said that the son that I was pregnant with came through. In a very matter-of-fact way, he communicated to Jane that he was "the favorite son."  Jane waited for more from him. Again, very to the point, he conveyed, "I'm the favorite son." When Jane told me, my first thought was that I hoped that I wasn't showing signs of favoritism between my two boys. We knew that wasn't the case though, so we both just started laughing, we thought that this kiddo has a wonderful sense of humor! Later that evening when my husband got home from work, I told him what had happened. He reminded me that of the two names that we were trying to decide between, Benjamin or Noah, Benjamin means 'the favorite son.'  Not only did Ben choose his name that day, he also lovingly validated to us that he was doing great and already had an awareness and was spending time with his family!" S.Z.

"I'm thankful for Jane and what she does, she really helps me!!! I appreciate Jane's insight and every time I talk with her I feel like I get onto a better track. I appreciate her and I know meeting her was no mistake. I truly can't thank Jane enough. and I now schedule quarterly appointments with her to help me stay focused!"  S.S.

"The first moment that I talked with Jane I immediately sensed a peaceful and loving energy about her. The house clearing itself was a beautiful ritual and I immediately felt like my space had a newer feel with great vibrations. Not to mention, that night when I left the house to let everything settle, numerous things from the past that were causing clutter in my life resurfaced before my eyes and had a way of working themselves out. For this, I thank Jane!  We all have a little 'junk' in our lives that we could do without!" T.L.

"As someone who has been an energy healer for nearly twenty years and has experienced numerous types of healing sessions, I can attest to Jane's ability to carry a high vibration as a Reiki Master.  I knew that I was safe with her and that I could trust her with my history. Jane exudes warmth, light, and nurturing. After seeking a healer for the past year, I am more than grateful our paths crossed as I know that we will work together for many years to come."  D.L.

"As much of a miracle pregnancy is, the early stages can be very tough. I was feeling very nauseated and tired and my inner dialogue had turned into pure negativity. I made an appointment with Jane for a session of energy work. the time flew by and what she did was AMAZING!!! After my appointment I was a new person. That evening I couldn't stop smiling because I felt SO much better. It's been a few weeks now and I'm still feeling better than before my session. Thanks Jane!"  S.C.

"I wanted to share with you all my life-changing recent experience with Jane. I don't know if I was truly a believer of mediums. However, I asked Jane to do some healing work because I was having weird and very vivid dreams of my late brother - who was murdered.  When Jane and I made initial contact she spoke about peanut butter kudos - a snack my late brother used to love. That's when our conversation began and she told me things that sounded so much like my brother's personality that I was immediately convinced it was him trying to communicate through Jane.  That was the most fulfilling hour of my life since my brother died. I am so deeply grateful for the gift Jane has been given and that she has chosen to share it with us! I learned so much; received answers to questions I had; and most importantly I have PEACE. I know my dear brother is better than ok, he is AWESOME!!  The session was more than I expected and then some! Thank you Jane!!!!" D.W.

"In my very first energy healing session with Jane,  I wasn’t sure what to expect. After only talking with her for a short while I could feel the softness in her voice. The way she spoke to me made me feel so at ease. This led me to confide something to her that I’d never spoken to any other human.  I told Jane that I was addicted to pain medication. And a small part of me wanted to come off them. Of course, coming off an opioid was terrifying to me and I knew she could sense that. I had been taking these prescription pills for around eight years.  As we began the healing process I began to sob. You can imagine how shocked I was from these tears as I hadn’t even expected to open up and tell Jane anything about my addiction. Truth be told, I’m a very private person. But I’m so glad I did confide in her.  Jane was gentle with me during the whole process which lasted several months. She taught me to celebrate my victories no matter how small, to be forgiving of myself and to allow the process to unfold in its own time. I attribute my being completely free from prescription pain medication mostly through Jane and her ability to use her gifts from her NDE. She taps into that healing white light and just allows it to do the work. Sure, we can all access this healing energy on our own, but I think it helps when we can access intuitive people like Jane who have come face-to-face with that light, been bathed in it and received a profound healing in the process. An opening is created so she's then able to access it directly and channel it for healing.  I’m thankful for the prescription pain medication because it provided my body with relief from terrible pain from a back injury. It was extremely helpful at that period in my life, but I had become addicted to it. I believe we humans sometimes store emotions as pain in the body. It seemed like the more work I did with my emotions the less I even noticed what was once a level of pain that ruled my life. Jane was right by my side as I began to work on forgiveness, gratitude and self love. I now realize this whole story was just part of my life path. Yes, I still have the structural injury to my spine, but it gives me no issues. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned from this experience. I have nothing but good things to say about Jane." S.B.


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