NDE Radio Interview

I was interviewed by NDE Radio host, Lee Witting.  NDE Radio is a part of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS.)  IANDS helped me, and so many others, who have had near-death experiences all types of spiritual transformations!

During the interview, Lee had me talk about some specific topics-

-What was my near-death experience like?  How did it feel to be in the white light?

-What were some of the aftereffects of my near-death experience and what methods did I use to integrate them?  What was it like to adjust to being an empath?  And how was it to have new psychic abilities?

-How would I describe the language of spirit?

-What did I learn while working in hospice care after my near-death experience?  What are some things that take place while people are transitioning out of their bodies?

-What was the turning point after my near-death experience?  When and how was I able to step back into the world as a healer?

Lee interviewed me after I spoke for the very first time at an IANDS conference.  I'm honored to be able to pay it forward and share my struggles with integrating the aftereffects of my near-death experience so I can help others!  I hope listening to this interview will help you or others you know that have had, or are interested in, similar experiences.

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