Shaman Oaks Interview

Alan Chapman a.k.a. Shaman Oaks recently interviewed me for his YouTube channel.  Alan's interviewing style and productions are incredible, he's a very inquisitive person and asks compelling questions.

This interview is in two parts- the Q&A is above, and for more about my NDE, please scroll all the way down for that video!

He asks some very thought provoking questions-

-What's the meaning of life?

-Why do bad things happen to good people?

-Why is it so addictive to listen to people talk about near-death experiences?

-What was it like to go through the tunnel?

-Was there a sound or sensation when I exited and re-entered my body?

-What name have I given the white light?  And how does that tie into my spiritual beliefs and religion, before and after, my near-death experience?

-Was the voice that sent me back gentle or commanding?  Male or female?

-What was my favorite mediumship reading and how it provided such hope and joy for that family.

-Why do near-death experiences vary so much from person to person?  Why do some people have life reviews and some don't?  Why are some people given a choice to come back and others aren't?

-What types of electrical interferences have I experienced after my NDE?  The troubles with watches, electronic devices, and automatic doors.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

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