Next Level Soul Interview

Alex Ferrari from Next Level Soul recently interviewed me for his podcast. 

Alex and I cover a lot of topics on this one!  He asks some great questions about my near-death experience, we talk in detail about the white light, and the feelings of profound love, and healing, that are there.  Also, how we can experience it without having a NDE.

We really dive into the ways that increased sensitivities can be the result of a NDE, or any type of spiritual growth.  I talk about strategies that I have learned to 'tune out' my sensitivities as an empath, so I can get breaks throughout the day from all of those incoming energies.

Alex and I talk about why life is so hard sometimes, and what our purpose is for being here.  Also, the tearjerker at the end from both of us...advice we would give to our younger selves.

To be on the Next Level Soul podcast is an honor, and because it has such a wide reach, I hope this interview will help a lot of people!

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