Silvia Isachsen Interview

Silvia Isachsen interviewed me about my near-death experience, and the healing that takes place when we pass over. 

Silvia also asks the very important question about what it feels like to leave our loved ones behind when die. 

We discuss the reasons why we often feel separate from the unconditional love that is so freely given to us, and how ego and intellect play a role in that.  Also, how ego plays an important role in our work on Earth and how ego can be a great teacher that leads us to healing.

An area that often isn't talked about by people that have near-death experiences is the sadness, and sometimes depression, that we experience when we return to our bodies.  Silvia asks me about the contrast between the physical plane and the white light, and how the sadness that comes up from that contrast leads us to search for answers and purpose- which is what led me into my work as a spiritual healer and teacher.

I hope you like this interview, I really enjoyed doing it and Silvia asks great questions!

Have you ever wondered how to experience more ease as you step into your soul's purpose?  

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