IANDS Presentation

This presentation is hosted by the Dallas/Ft. Worth, International Association for Near-Death Studies, (IANDS) group.

I have a soft spot in my heart for this recording because I'm interviewed by Dr. Janice Miner Holden.  Dr. Holden is a very well respected and long-time researcher in the field of near-death experiences, and spiritually transformative events.  Not only is she a researcher, but I'm honored to say that she has become my friend over the years.  This is more like a conversation between friends.

After my near-death experience in 2008,  I had a lot of trouble integrating the aftereffects. Feeling very alone, I eventually found myself at a Dallas/Ft. Worth Friends of IANDS meeting. There I discovered the tools and community to help me begin to integrate my remarkable experience and its aftereffects. I was also very fortunate to Dr. Holden there.

Dr. Holden has known me since my early struggles after my NDE, and she has watched me travel the path to where I am today.  This conversation is insightful because both of us are interested in helping other people integrate their spiritual transformations, so the questions and conversation are geared toward that.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling after a near-death or similar experience, please watch this.  There are so many changes that take place after an event like that.  Dr. Holden and I will take you on the journey that I have been through, not because it's about me, but because there are common threads for people traveling this path.  It will help you know that everything is going to be ok, and that you are not alone!

Have you ever wondered how to experience more ease as you step into your soul's purpose?  

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