Let's Talk Near-Death Interview

Kirsty Salisbury interviewed me for her podcast, Let's Talk Near-Death.  Kirsty has great energy and she asked me some very insightful questions!

-What does it feel like to die and have a near-death experience?

-What did it feel like in the white light?  Did I feel other souls around me?

-How did I feel about being sent back and do I understand why this happened to me?

-How have I changed since my near-death experience?

-Did my NDE teach me how to love, did it increase my capacity for love?

-How do I manage the spiritual abilities that I gained after my near-death experience?  Does it get easier with time?

-How does energy healing work?  How are energy healing and energetic boundaries helpful for empaths?

I hope you enjoy this interview and you can feel the love and peace of the white light as we talk!

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