Love Covered Life Interview

Melissa Denyce interviewed me for her podcast, Love Covered Life.

Melissa surprised me by asking a question that no one has ever picked up on in an interview before!  It's just now meant to be talked about because the timing is right!  Her question is directly related to what I saw during my NDE that is leading us into an important era of healing.  Chronic stress has kept nearly all of us in a state of fight/flight/freeze/fawn for a very long time, and the collective is now ready to heal our nervous systems.  I'm so grateful that Melissa picked up on it so we could dive deeper into the topic.  It's truly the path to peace and calm!

We also talk about my near-death experience, and noticing the difference between feeling illness in my body, and the point when I started noticing that my body was actually dying.

Melissa and I discuss the unconditional love of the white light and how healing it was to bathe in it and be fully seen, accepted, and loved.  That type of trauma healing that I got during my near-death experience is how I learned to use energy healing to return others to a state of your true self so you can live a fuller and happier life. 

Melissa asks the questions- Why are we here?  How to reign in and manage the sensitivities of being an empath?  Do disembodied souls have unique personalities?  Do we have a choice about whether or not to come back when having a NDE?

I really enjoyed doing this interview.  I hope it's very helpful and you can feel the love of the white light as you watch and listen to it!

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