About Jane

I'm an intuitive healer, spiritual gifts coach, near-death experiencer, international speaker and founder of White Light Solution. 

I help people who are seeking peace, healing and perspective while experiencing personal transformation, processing trauma or grieving loss. 

I will help you feel supported, centered, more aligned with your soul's purpose and a deep sense of calm.

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Jane's Safe Hands Healing

As a near-death experiencer, international speaker, intuitive healer, spiritual gifts coach and founder of White Light Solution, my focus is on helping and healing others.

I'm an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, and with the use of medical mediumship, angel energy healing, polarity therapy, akashic records and somatic experiencing, your healing is custom tailored to your individual needs.

I developed a sensitivity to energies and the awareness of spirit after having a profound near-death experience in 2008.  I was taken to the hospital with a sudden illness early one morning, and by that afternoon, the illness had progressed rapidly.  Leaving my body, entering the light and being in spirit form changed my life profoundly.  Having a NDE (near-death experience) clears and opens pathways that may have been previously untapped.  This and other aftereffects of having a NDE were a lot to integrate into my life!  After recovering physically, I was very fortunate to work with researchers and other professionals who specialize in NDEs, along with trusted healers and mediums, who helped me get used to and develop these changes by working through an intensely transformational time.  I learned a lot by going through this process, and after formally training and fine-tuning these skills, I knew it was a very important part of my life’s path to compassionately help others through their own personal transformations, transitions and healing. 

During my down time, I enjoy being with my family and friends.   My greatest joy is in spending time with my daughter!  I also like traveling, cooking, yoga, meditation, reading and learning.  I love music and I’m always up for an adventure and as much laughter as possible!  Giving back to the community through volunteer work for hospice organizations is also very important to me. 


"I had been experiencing a huge build up of stress and distractions in my day to day living.  After a telephone session with Jane, my mind felt relief from the clutter and my thoughts were clearer and more peaceful.  I look forward to each session with Jane because I know how much better I'll feel afterwards!"  H.M.

"Jane is a gifted spiritual healer.  I am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Jane countless times to assist me through various personal struggles (relationship issues, deaths, cancer, etc). Her connection with spirit, her personal approach and her alignment with her clients speaks directly to her broad capabilities. I travel a lot for work and she is always available to connect with me through Skype or over the phone, allowing for immediate healing to begin no matter where I am in the country."  B.W.
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