Interviews With Innocence Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Marla Hughes interviewed me for her podcast, Interviews With Innocence.  The topic of the program is Helping Others Embrace Their Spiritual Gifts (with a focus on helping spiritually gifted children.)

In my healing practice I help adults navigate coping with newly acquired spiritual gifts, and guide the parents/caregivers of spiritually gifted children.

Traits in these children vary, but can include the ability to see the spirit world or predict future events.  High sensitivity to the emotions and energies of those around them is typical.

My near-death experience (NDE) and newly acquired spiritual gifts was overwhelming and resulted in a feeling of isolation.  Research on NDEs taught me that I was not alone in these struggles, and part of my path is to work with others to cope with and embrace their gifts.

As an energy healer, I encourage the release of low vibrational energy which causes blockages, while mixing it with the higher vibrational energy and the love of the white light that I encountered during my near-death experience.

Advice for parents/caregivers of spiritually gifted children:

  • Let these children know they are not alone; there are many others like them.
  • Normalize these qualities. Their sensitivities are not the whole of who they are.
  • Love these children through their struggles so they are not afraid.
  • Approach them with a sense of curiosity.
  • Encourage stories, pictures, dolls, role-playing as a forum for expression.

Adults can learn from the incredible intuition and insights these children provide.

By working with spiritually gifted children, adults can learn to tap into their own spiritual gifts, which can have an opening-up effect on families!