Passion Harvest Interview

What does it really feel like to die?  I talk to Luisa from Passion Harvest about what it feels like to die and transition out of the body.  Also, why have we been put here on Earth- what's the purpose?  We talk about healing and how to return to your true self so you can feel peaceful, even in the middle of a storm.  I got surprised at the end with my response to Luisa's final question- you can see when I start to talk and then take a pause to channel a response that moved me to tears because it was so loving, encouraging, and reassuring.

This interview with Passion Harvest has been a long time coming!  For the past couple of years, Luisa and I have been in communication and intuitively waiting for the right time, and the time is now. I hope you enjoy the interview and that you can feel the love!

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