Healing Workshops

A way for you to feel supported as you heal and experience the love and peace of the white light.

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These workshops help when…

You want to develop and trust your intuition

You're ready to fully discover your soul's purpose

You feel overwhelmed as an empath

You want to sleep better

You want to manifest more abundance into your life

You want to feel the love of the white light

Healing Workshops

14 unique workshops to help you heal and grow on a spiritual, emotional, energetic, physical and soul level.

Each workshop includes:

  • A Video Teaching with Jane
  • A Guided Healing with Jane that's easy to fit into your day or listen to before bed
  • Instant, 24/7 access from your computer or mobile device
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Once you've finished a Healing Workshop, you'll experience clarity, comfort, and ease. You'll feel the replenishment of your soul. 


You will feel the unconditional love and peace directly from the white light. This will help you become lighter and centered. 


Each Healing Workshop will give you empowering tools for your spiritual journey. This creates space for more possibilities and miracles in your life!

Connect With
Your Intuition

"I'm able to connect more easily with my inner knowing.  Jane is an authentic, knowledgeable coach and I can feel her genuinely caring nature gently guide me." B.E.

Heal Your Heart &
Clear Your Mind

"My mind feels relief from the clutter and my thoughts are clearer and more peaceful. These workshops are powerful, my heart is healing. I feel so much better!" H.M.

Get Better

"I love the workshops and diving deeper into these topics.  I like to use the guided healings to clear my energy. They help me sleep better, so I do them before bed."  L.L

Choose Your Healing Workshop

Each workshop is $29 and includes a video teaching, guided healing and instant 24/7 access.  Listen daily or as often as needed!

Know Your
Soul's Purpose

Experience the joy and ease of living in alignment with your soul's purpose.

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Release Trauma
From The Body

Restore well-being and safety as you are gently liberated from the past.

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How To
Really Manifest

Manifestation processes that get results and clear the path for what you want.

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 Healing Illness
& Pain

Return to a state of vibrancy to engage in the natural process of self-healing.

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Sharpen & Trust
Your Intuition

Rest in the natural flow of life when you connect with the wise voice of your intuition.

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The Restored

Feel empowered and replenished when your energy is cleared and protected.

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Q&A with a NDE simulation where you'll bathe in the love and peace of the white light.

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Move toward a life of long-lasting relief and freedom as your mind becomes quieter.

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Spiritual Awakenings
& Transformations

Move forward with ease and hope as you journey along your authentic path.

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Cleanse & Balance
Your Chakras

Achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being when your chakras are purified.

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Mediumship &
Loving Kindness

Q&A with a Loving Kindness Healing to help improve your emotional state.

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Mindfulness & Raising
Your Vibration

Explore simple mindfulness techniques plus a healing to raise your vibe.

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Release The Energy
of Your Ex & Others

Release old attachments and bring uplifted feelings into your interactions.

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Spiritually Gifted Kids &
Your Inner Child

Identify spiritually gifted children & return to your own gifts with an inner child healing.

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Do you want access to all of the Healing Workshops?

The Master Series includes all 14 workshops with upgraded Master Classes at a discounted price of 30% off!

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More from Jane about Healing Workshops

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Why did I create these Healing Workshops?

I struggled after my near-death experience and nothing like this existed.  I needed workshops and healings like these, so I created them!

I want you to have more ease on your journey.  I want to help you heal so we can create more space for you to reach your full potential (your soul purpose and your true self) so you can experience all of the love, joy and abundance that’s available to you. 

As you heal and peel away the heavy layers with these workshops, your path will naturally begin to clear and open. 

I want you to know that you are not alone, I’m here to help you feel empowered!  Whether your spiritual transformation is new, or you’ve been on this journey for years, the workshops will help you along your path.

"I sleep more soundly, deeply and for a longer time after doing the guided healings. I listen daily and the heavy layers of energy I've been carrying around just peel off and dissipate into thin air." D.A.

"Emotional buildup is releasing by listening to the guided healings.  I reach for them in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.  It's like having Jane on-call anytime I need spiritual help and healing."  K.L.

I'm here to support you.

I received a profound healing and replenishment in the white light during my near-death experience.  I am honored to be able to bring the same white light healing to you!

Wherever you are right now, the guidance and resources that I share in these healing workshops will give you what you need to lead a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Will you let me assist you on your journey?

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