Wisdom From North Interview

Jan 15, 2020

Jannecke from Wisdom From North interviewed me for her program.  She is based out of Norway.

Jannecke asks me about my near-death experience and the intuitive abilities that I gained as a result.  We talk about the reasons this happened and how when we leave our bodies, our perspective increases, and opens up to different planes and dimensions. 

She asks if I'm always tuned in, and do I actively tune out?

She also asks the important question about people who commit suicide.  What happens to them when they die, do they go into the white light and have a loving a peaceful experience?  I also talk about how losing a loved one to suicide often intensifies, and complicates the grieving process.

The replenishment and restoration that souls receive when passing over into the light is discussed and we focus a lot about fully discovering, and stepping into your soul's purpose. 

We touch on manifesting- how do you know if something is meant for you or not?

I hope you find this interview helpful!   The goal with is always to spread a message of love and hope!