Tricia Barker Interview

Mar 12, 2019

Tricia Barker is a fellow near-death experiencer and it was a lot of fun to be interviewed by her!  As a funny side note, this was our second attempt to film and record this interview.  NDErs often have trouble with WiFi and other electronic devices because our electromagnetic fields change after a NDE.  Our first attempt didn't work because of that.  Tricia and I both know this is common, and we laughed about it, but we were glad we were finally able to get the technology working!

Tricia and I talk about my NDE and so much more. 

We discuss the importance of spiritual gifts coaching for people who have had near-death experiences, out of body experiences, and other types of spiritual awakenings.  This allows space to process the experience and its aftereffects.  Without this, people may end up feeling very isolated and alone.

We also touch on the importance of accepting that not everyone has verifiable details of their near-death experience, and this doesn't diminish the event in any way.  Tricia and I were both in the hospital when our NDEs happened, but that doesn't make what happened to us any more valid. 

We also discuss the love of the white light.  It is a safe love, and that's why it's so easy to experience it fully.  In the light it's safe to be fully seen, understood, and take it all in!

Tricia and I also get into a touchy subject for many-  is it ok for people to charge for services, or to write books, about what happened during spiritual awakenings or the abilities they acquired as a result?

I hope you enjoy this interview!