Janet Tarantino Interview

Janet Tarantino recently interviewed me for her YouTube channel.  It's always fun to be interviewed by someone who also had a near-death experience because the conversation can lead to just about anywhere!  NDErs are known to have issues with technology because our electromagnetic fields have changed, so when you get two of us together, anything can happen and adjustments often need to be made!

Janet and I talk about how integrating the aftereffects of a near-death experience is an ongoing process, why that is, and why it becomes easier with time.

We also talk about the difficulties of being out in public places after a spiritual transformation and how to best cope with that....and...why you'll never see an empath at a Black Friday sale or a crowded shopping mall!

Janet asked me some really great questions about how I do energy work and how I transitioned to being able to do distance and remote energy healing.  We talk about how my NDE gave me the foundation to do work as a medical intuitive and how emotion and trauma are often attached to physical illness in the body, and how to release that.

Relationship changes after a spiritual awakening are the most complex aftereffect to navigate.  During this interview, it's the first time that I got to tell the story of the first person that I openly described my NDE to, and why people like her are such a gift.  The woman that I talk about in the video passed away a couple of years ago so it was very special to be able to talk about her and acknowledge her role in helping others.

I hope you like the interview, thank you for taking the time to listen!

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