IANDS Conference Seattle

Nov 09, 2018

I was honored to be invited back to speak at the annual IANDS conference! 

During this discussion, we are expanding on our panel from the previous year's presentation about Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences (SMEs), which can be an aftereffect of NDEs.  Dr. Janice Holden, a mental health professional specializing in transpersonal experiences, research, and aftereffects, discusses findings from her latest qualitative research regarding SMEs. 

I talk about my NDE and the numerous aftereffects, many of them challenging- such as SMEs. I also present coping strategies and integration tools.  This is an aftereffect that is common, but not widely discussed!

IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies, participates in important research about the aftereffects of near-death experiences and other spiritually transformative events.