IANDS Conference Denver

I'm always honored to be invited to speak at IANDS conferences!  IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies, plays an important and integral role in researching and helping people with the aftereffects of near-death experiences, and other spiritually transformative events. 

Here, with Dr. Janice Miner Holden, we are discussing Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences (SMEs), which can be an aftereffect of near-death experiences.  Dr. Holden is a leading researcher of transpersonal experiences and she is a two time president of IANDS.

SMEs are when the presence of a deceased person, that you may or may not know, occurs.  This is a fairly new area of research and tools and helpful strategies for this phenomenon are being more widely talked about now.

Of the people who have a near-death experience, 53% report having spontaneous mediumship experiences as an aftereffect, with 32% of people having had more than 20 occurrences.  A large number of these NDErs have a hard time with managing the occurrences!

During this panel, we talk about personal accounts, the challenges that go along with it, and coping strategies.

Spontaneous mediumship experiences was one of the most difficult and scary aftereffects for me to integrate after my NDE.  After learning how to cope, I know it's an important part of my path to help others that are struggling with this aftereffect, so I can help to reduce your suffering while also helping you to manage it.

Have you ever wondered how to experience more ease as you step into your soul's purpose?  

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