Group Healings

Raise your vibration as you soak up the love, replenishment, and comfort of the white light.  Receive these healings without taking any time away from your day!

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Group Healings help when…

You're overwhelmed by a busy schedule, but you need healing

You want to clear the energetic baggage that you've been carrying

You need blocks removed that have been holding you back

You're an empath and you want to release the energy of others

You're ready to align more fully with your soul's purpose 

You want to clear trauma from your body

You're looking for an easy form of monthly self-care

You want to feel the love and healing of the white light

During each Group Healing: 

  • You will bathe in the healing energy of white light for 60 minutes
  • Blocks or resistances that are creating obstacles on your path will loosen and dissolve
  • Your personal energy will be cleared of anything that you've absorbed that isn't yours
  • The memory of trauma that you've been holding in your body and nervous system will be released
  • As your energy is cleared, you'll align more fully with your true self and your soul's purpose
  • ¬†You'll feel lighter and more peaceful
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"I'm able to connect more easily with my intuition now.  I get these healings once a month and I've noticed deeper layers of old energy peeling away each time." B.E.

Group Monthly Distance Healings

On the 1st day of each month, Jane broadcasts white light to all group participants for 60 minutes.  As a part of the healing, Jane will be sure to protect each individual participant's energy, so there is no blending of energies.

Monthly Group Healings were created as a way for you to get healing that doesn't interrupt your schedule. Since the healings don't take place over Zoom or a call, you can do what you would normally do during this time.  The healings are just as effective!

Healing takes place in layers.  By receiving these healings often, you'll gain momentum on your path by keeping your vibration high and your energy light! 

Pricing for Group Healings starts at $50.

With three options to choose from:

One-Time Healing

Reserve your spot early for the next Group Healing. Space is limited.

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Monthly Healing

Save 10% and ensure that your spot is saved with a monthly recurring plan.

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Annual Plan

Save 25% and ensure that your spot is saved with an annual plan.

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"I always feel lighter and more relaxed after a group healing."  L.B.

I'm here to support you.

Whether your healing journey is new, or you've been on this journey for years, Group Healings will help you along your path.

Healing is a process, and the more you heal, the closer you'll get to reaching your full potential.

What separates you from your true self is the energy of conditioning, trauma, and patterning.  Each time you receive a Group Healing, these layers will be gently peeled away.  This brings you more in alignment with your original blueprint, and your soul's purpose!  

I want you to have ease, and when you're closer to your true self, life just seems to work out for the better.  Abundance and peace will become a natural state of being for you! 

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