Group Healings

Raise your vibration as you soak up the love, replenishment and comfort of the white light.  Receive these healings without taking any time away from your day.

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When you need healing, but you're overwhelmed by a busy schedule and want an easy form of self-care.


During group healings, loving white light heals and releases the energetic baggage you’ve been carrying. This will allow you to gain a fresh perspective as blocks that have been holding you back are gently cleared.

You will become calm, replenished and more vibrant as your load is lightened!  This brings more ease and fulfillment. 

You can be anywhere in the world, awake or asleep, doing what you would normally do during this time.  The healing is effective no matter what!

Emotional buildup is releasing with these healings.  Jane taps into that white light and allows it to do its work.  K.L.

Group Monthly Distance Healings

On the 1st of the month, Jane will broadcast white light to all group participants for 60 minutes.  As a part of the healing, Jane will be sure to protect each individual participant's energy, so there is no blending of energies.

By receiving these healings often, you'll gain momentum on your path by keeping your vibration high and your energy light! 

Pricing for Group Healings starts at $50.

With three options to choose from:

One-Time Healing

Reserve your spot for the next Group Healing on the 1st.

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Monthly Plan

Ensure your spot is saved every month with a monthly recurring plan.

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Annual Plan

Save 20% and ensure your spot is saved every month with an annual plan.

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“I signed up for automatic monthly healings.  I was stressed about a work deadline and I forgot that a healing would be taking place.  I woke up one morning feeling great, and that’s when I remembered the group healing was the night before.  I didn’t even have to be aware of the healing for it to work!  T.O.


I'm here to help you heal.

Each time you receive a group healing, you'll awaken to the love and peace that is always available to you. 

The more you sit in the light, the easier it will be for you to access it on your own throughout the day.

I received a profound healing and replenishment in the white light during my near-death experience.  I am honored to be able to bring the same white light healing to you!

“The loving energy of the white light is helping me open up to heal.  I'm so much lighter and relaxed after each group healing!"  S.B.

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