White Light Healing

Feel supported during your healing and spiritual journey


"It's like having Jane on-call anytime I need spiritual help and healing."  K.L.

Healing Workshops

Gain the tools to feel more empowered and at ease on your spiritual journey. Each workshop includes a video teaching and a guided healing.  Available 24/7, listen daily or as often as needed!

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Group Healings

Feel the love and peace of the white light, raise your vibration, clear blocks and lighten your energy with group healings.   You'll become more centered and calm with this easy form of self-care!

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"I'm now able to connect more easily with my inner knowing and wisdom.  The recorded healings that Jane has provided have helped me release blockages that were in my way.  I can feel as Jane’s genuinely caring nature gently guides me. It puts me at ease knowing that I have an authentic and knowledgeable teacher/coach in my corner providing me with the skills I need while I’m on this journey."  B.E.