$37.00 USD

Add the Release Trauma From The Body Healing Workshop for $37~

Restore well-being and safety as you are gently liberated from the past.

Healing Illness & Pain

Return to a state of vibrancy and engage in the natural process of self-healing.

Access to this workshop is unlimited, and each time you use it, you’ll heal the effects that stored emotions and thought patterns have on your physical health.

With Jane as your guide, gain instant access to a Video Teaching and an Audio Guided Healing that will gently release the overload of dense energy held in your body that is contributing to illness and pain.

This workshop will help to lighten your load and bring you into a place of healing, peace, and empowerment.

Listen daily or as often as needed!

What People Are Saying:

I was feeling hopeless because of the physical pain I was dealing with on a daily basis. Through healings with Jane, I was able to finally feel relief. Energy healing is such a kind and natural way of helping your body. A.P.

I have so much relief from what was going on physically with my body that I'm now able to experience joy again! Every time I use Jane's Healing Workshops, I feel so much better! G.T.