$37.00 USD

Add the Release Trauma From The Body Healing Workshop for $37~

Restore well-being and safety as you are gently liberated from the past.

Release The Energy Of Your Ex & Others

Release old attachments and bring revitalized energy into your interactions. 

Access to this workshop is unlimited, and each time you use it, you'll become restored as you release the accumulated energy of others that was absorbed during interactions with them. 

With Jane as your guide, gain instant acccess to a Video Teaching and an Audio Guided Healing that will gently release the energetic attachments that drain you and that you no longer want to carry. As you reclaim your energy, you'll bring fresh and renewed energy into your relationships.

This workshop will bring you nurturing and replenishment as you return to a state of wholeness.

Listen daily or as often as needed!

What People Are Saying:

I love Jane's healing workshops! I like to use the guided healings at night to clear any energy that I'm carrying of others and to reset and be more grounded. It also helps me sleep better, so I like to do them before I go to bed. L.L.

My heart is healed and transformed. Jane is focused on loving wellness and positive, affirmative healing. She is a natural empath and understands your needs. M.M.