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White Light Solution

With Jane as your guide, White Light Solution gives you exclusive access to the tools you need to connect directly with your soul's purpose. Gain clarity when blockages that have been holding you back are healed and released.  Mental chatter will be quieted and you will raise your personal vibration and begin to experience more love, joy, well-being and peace.

As a part of our private membership community, each month you'll receive a brand new audio healing meditation plus a video teaching directly from Jane. You can listen daily, or as often as you choose.  All you have to do is press play!  Every month we will focus on a new topic and you will be able to access guidance on the following:

  • The Restored Empath
  • Sharpen & Trust Your Intuition
  • Know Your Soul's Purpose
  • Surviving Spiritual Awakenings & Transformations
  • Understanding & Helping Spiritually Gifted Children
  • Releasing Trauma From The Body
  • Mediumship Q&A
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Healing Illness In The Physical Body
  • How to Really Manifest What You Want
  • Releasing The Energy Of Your Ex & Prior Relationships
  • Intentional Mindfulness To Raise Your Vibration
  • Cleanse & Balance Your Chakras
  • Near-Death Experiences Q&A

And much more for only $19.99 a month! Not only will you get new recordings, you'll also get exclusive access to the entire 'Vault' of these files- all past recordings included!  All recordings will be kept safely in the Vault for you to use when you're ready!

What People Are Saying About White Light Solution:

“I love White Light Solution! It's been so much fun diving in deeper to these topics I'm interested in. I like to use (the healing meditations) at night...to clear any energy that I'm carrying of others and just to reset and be more grounded...it also helps me sleep better so I like to do them before I go to sleep at night. Leah”

“The meditations that Jane has provided through the White Light Solution have helped me connect more easily with my inner knowing and wisdom that had otherwise been blocked. I can feel Jane’s genuinely caring nature gently guiding me during these meditations. It puts me at ease knowing that I have an authentic and knowledgeable teacher/coach in my corner providing me with the skills I need while I’m on this journey. B.E.”