$37.00 USD

Add the Anxiety Relief Healing Workshop for $37~

Move toward a life of freedom as your mind becomes quieter and a sense of calm is restored.

Spiritual Awakenings & Transformations

Navigate spiritual transformations with ease as you align with your true self.

Access to this workshop is unlimited, and each time you use it, you’ll gain the tools necessary to effectively manage the changes that take place resulting from spiritual transformations.

With Jane as your guide, gain instant access to a Video Teaching and an Audio Guided Healing that will provide tips, while gently assisting with the clearing and grounding process necessary for alleviating the symptoms of spiritual growth.

This workshop will bring you clarity, replenishment, and peace.

Listen daily or as often as needed!

What People Are Saying:

Jane has an intuitive awareness and always makes me feel at ease. She has provided a great sense of perspective and comfort throughout my healing journey. P.D.

I'm able to connect more easily with my inner knowing. Jane is an authentic, knowledgeable coach and I can feel her genuinely caring nature gently guide me. The healings that Jane provides release blockages that are in my way. It's gives me comfort having Jane in my corner and providing me with the skills I need while I’m on this journey. B.E.