$37.00 USD

Add the Anxiety Relief Healing Workshop for $37~

Move toward a life of freedom as your mind becomes quieter and a sense of calm is restored.

Release Trauma From The Body

Restore well-being and safety as you are gently liberated from the past.

Access to this workshop is unlimited, and each time you use it, you'll heal the many effects that stored trauma has on your physical health, emotions, and relationships. 

With Jane as your guide, gain instant access to a Video Teaching and an Audio Guided Healing that will gently release the energy of traumatic events that are stored in your body and nervous system. 

This workshop will bring you nurturing, restoration, and replenishment. 

Listen as often as needed! 

What People Are Saying:

Emotional buildup is releasing by listening to the guided healing. I reach for it in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. It's like having Jane on-call anytime I need healing. I'm so glad I found her workshops! K.L.

Jane's guided healings have cleared numerous things from my past that were creating clutter. I can now feel newer, great vibrations. T.L.