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Janet Tarantino Interview

healing interviews Aug 19, 2021

Janet Tarantino recently interviewed me for her YouTube channel!  We talk about my near-death experience, its aftereffects and the integration process.  Integration processes have similar themes, while at the same time being unique, for everyone that has had a near-death or other spiritually transformative event.  Building your toolbox of resources is the key to thriving throughout this process. A big part of my path is to help others feel empowered while working through these experiences.  I hope you enjoy the talk!

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What is White Light Solution?


Feel supported throughout your spiritual and healing journey.

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When you're going through a spiritual transformation or life change, it's common to struggle. That's what happened to me after I had my near-death experience, and I needed the Healings that are available through White Light Solution, but nothing like this existed. That's why I created them!

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This Is How You Really Manifest

healing manifestation Sep 04, 2020

If you're having frustrations with trying to manifest what you want, you may be subconsciously putting conflicting energies out there. There's an easy fix! Please click here for my free manifesting guide:

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How I Became A Healer After My Near-Death Experience

healing Aug 21, 2020

After my near-death experience, I was suddenly having spontaneous mediumship experiences, psychic knowing and I had all of the qualities of an empath- I could see and feel everything. Nothing like this was going on prior to my NDE and I tried to ignore it and go back to my old life for awhile but that didn't work for very long! I eventually embraced and made peace with all of the changes and newfound abilities. Here is my story about how I helped myself so I could then help others.

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My Near-Death Experience

healing Aug 14, 2020

I had my near-death experience while I was in the hospital on August 22, 2008. I've shared parts of my NDE during podcasts and other interviews, but this is the full account!

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